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I take an interest in the idea of building SOA applications and the idea of microservices for a long time. I share an opinion that SOA is the key to building scalable services from both technical and managerial (organize development process within big teams) aspects.

At the same time I have been sceptical about putting these ideas into action (they look like yet another dreams of developers and operations about happy future), because I had no idea how to develop and manage multitude services:

  • how to solve problems of shared installation on one server?
  • how to do continuous integration / continuous delivery / monitoring / logging for these services in a one manner in order to keep rational development cost?
  • how to segregate of duties of developers and operations properly?
  • how to make The Twelve-Factor App real?

But we are living in a wonderful time, so future becomes true faster than we might expect :)

Docker and its ecosystem gives answers for those questions via an implementation of idea of application’s containers on top of LXC (for now).

The Docker Book gives you understanding what Docker is and how to use it in practice.

I recommend to read this book to everyone who deals with application’s backend on Linux servers. Note: it is important for better understanding to have access to Linux shell and try to execute commands from the book.

By chapters:

  • Chapters 1-4. General chapters about Docker – useful to all.
  • Chapters 5-6. You definitely should read these chapters if you are excited about what Docker is and you want to know how to build real services with it.
  • Chapter 7. This chapter gives understanding how to solve orchestration and service discovery problems for containers, so it is mostly useful for operations than developers. Personally I was more interested in Kubernetes (an open source orchestration system for Docker containers by Google, which is more relevant for usage in OWOX where we are building services with Google Cloud), but the mentioned chapter was interesting as initial point for me.
  • Chapter 8-9. These chapters are relevant to you if you become a Docker hacker (in a good meaning).

P.S. If you feel that Docker is a silver bullet after reading – of course it is not. It is important to understand that Docker is just the concrete implementation of great ideas, but it is very powerful and popular now. I realize that other players may be involved in the game later, so there is no guarantee that Docker is the future. Tools are changing goals remain the same.

P.P.S. Thanks to James Turnbull for the excellent book and to OWOX for the given opportunity :)