About me

Hi to all, my name is Max Voloshin.

I graduated from the faculty of Applied Mathematics. Currently I am the leader of a small team that makes a cool product :)

In 2010 I started working at OWOX as PHP developer. I took part in bootstrapping online stores with use of OWOX Engine. Also I improved existing functionality of the platform and created lots of new. One of my activities was creating educational materials for the company’s developers.

In 2012 I have been promoted to the leader of a team, since then I am engaged in improving efficiency of my team, "degreasing" of business requirements, development of architectural solutions, integration of best practices of development to the team’s culture, code review and mentoring.

In my free time I am seeking opportunities to develop a software more efficiently and effectively.

I really like FOSS and contribute to some projects from time to time.

My values ​​in product development: quality, continuous delivery, optimal ratio of development cost and business value.